Nausea And Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are extremely common in pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. Symptoms tend to develop within the first month of pregnancy and resolve by week 13, or the end of the first trimester. Some expectant mothers will continue to have symptoms into the second trimester, this is not uncommon. Occasionally nausea and vomiting will persist throughout the pregnancy. In severe cases medication maybe given or if dehydration is of concern IV fluids may also be needed.


  • Frequent small meals and snacks throughout the day (a combination of protien and complex carbohydrates) will help maintain your blood sugars during the day.
  • Eating a few crackers before you get up and out of bed in the morning can help decrease nasuea.
  • Drink your water!! Staying hydrated is so important to you and your pregnancy.
  • Ginger ale, teas with ginger, lemon or peppermint may also help
  • Lemon drops or mints (keep a stash with you, you may need them throughout the day) often help to alleviate symptoms.
  • Vitamin B6 has been known to help some expectant mothers, it is safe to take 10mg-25 mg up to four times a day.
  • Sea bands, elastic bands you wear around your wrist. They have a small button that you place over the pressure point on your wrist. You can find them in most health food stores and pharmacies.
  • Knowing and avoiding your triggers: certian odors, foods and other enviromental situations can increase nausea and vomiting.
  • If your sypmtoms are persistent and you are concerned you may be dehydrated, please call the office. The doctor may want to evaluate you or send you to the hospital for IV fluids.